Nashville’s Creative Reuse Center is a non-profit that is busily seeking the perfect space for an Arts & Crafts thrift store and Community Arts & Crafts Center. We work with individuals and local businesses to collect cool, useable, but unwanted items. These “treasures” are then used to encourage creative reuse, teach about reusing vs recycling vs landfilling, and ultimately to make and appreciate local, hand-made art. Our mission is to promote creativity, environmental awareness, arts and crafts, and community through reuse.

My name is Ingrid Regen and as a life-long crafter and avid up-cycler, I am thrilled to be part of making this concept a reality for the greater Nashville community. Just like playing music in our fabulous Music City, making arts and crafts is a blessing that enriches lives and brings joy to hearts and minds. As a Creative Reuse Center, we will not only be diverting materials from the landfills, we will be a Community Art Center dedicated to bringing that creative joy to as many people as possible. Eventually, I hope the center will become a place where artisans and artists, from budding to professional, will have the opportunity to intermingle, co-create, mentor and inspire each other while expanding their own artistic horizons.

Right now, we are asking that you follow us AND share about us through our Facebook page: Creative Reuse Center. While we are seeking the perfect location for the center and continuing to develop this website, “liking” us on Facebook will allow us to show that there is real community support for a Creative Reuse Center here in Nashville. Plus, if you follow us on Facebook, you will be the first to know when we finally have that perfect location!

More in-depth articles and information will be posted through our Blog here, so please add your email address to receive updates when there is a new post. And, last but not least, we have an ever expanding Pinterest page with so many fantastic creative reuse projects for you to try… Perfect for a rainy OR a sunny day.

We look forward to being your community resource for improving the environment through creative reuse!

Thank you,
Ingrid Regen
Creative Reuse Center, Inc.